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Organic Hemp Practices

Our hemp farming is thoroughly managed to avoid any cross contamination with any residual pesticides. We take the initiative to plant barriers (corn is a good option due to is height when fully grown) around the field to avoid drift spray from neighboring farms.

Though majority of the farm land in Eastern North Carolina is widely used for row crops, hemp grown on our farm is placed on land that we feel would be considered generally safe. After the hemp biomass is bucked and placed into shipping containers, we then pick a few non bias composite test to send off to 3rd party testing facilities to analyze the biomass for any residual pesticides.

Throughout the growing season we use OMRI listed pesticides, which in some instances these are composed of natural items such rosemary, peppermint, neem tree, etc. 


OMRI pesticides

During the growing season, we use OMRI listed pesticides, which in some instances these are composed of natural items such rosemary, peppermint, neem tree, etc. The following OMRI listed pesticides are what we have found to be used in other states as an IPM to control cannabis plants, such as hemp: 

Neem oil
Oxidate 2.0

Different pests require different mode of action to control and to keep the plant material clean. Therefore, we strive to keep a consistent spray cycle with adequate equipment and specifically only used in the hemp field. This provides security to ourselves from having any cross contamination. Though the material is tested prior to being sold on the market, extra precautions taken can assure us with good results.


Automating products and services is the way of the future. At Planet Hemp, we offer you the perfect solution to make selling your product easy while keeping your overhead cost low. How do we do this? The answer is simple... with a hemp oil vending kiosk. 

The Kiosk comes fully equipped with the following:

  • Hemp Oil Product

  • Branding 

  • Website

  • Marketing Solutions

  • Cloud Services

  • Hardware & Kiosk

  • Merchant Services

For more information about our Hemp Retail Automation, please contact us or download our brochure.



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